DALKEYPROGRESS has a new perspective on provision of public facilities for the community. The group is based in and around Dalkey so the town and adjoining area is our starting point.

Our approach is based around engagement with individuals or groupings in the community ‘from the ground up’ with a view to kick-starting public space development that delivers on real community needs.  More traditional approaches to development, even for public space, more often than not are greeted with suspicion or hostility – usually because planning and execution are delivered ‘from the top down’.

This model is increasingly viewed as self defeating – suspicion, hostility and opposition now typify community reactions to development that is authority-led .

Something has to change and that change can be brought about through meaningful, ongoing public engagement as opposed to limited ‘check the box’ consultation

The initial focus for DALKEYPROGRESS is on a review of public spaces in Dalkey in order to identify usage patterns, strenghts and weaknesses that may point to over or under-provision.   However, even in the absence of any formal survey work,  there is a view that the town would benefit from provision of a community focal point.  In this context the group are looking at the feasability of providing a new civic square at a central accessible location.

DALKEYPROGRESS – meeting with senior DLRCC officials 1 September ’09.

Main points raised in discussion:

Continue to focus on site A as civic square location and possible linking ‘backalley’ scheme parallel to Castle St. Focus on development ‘from the ground up’ and encouraging community involvement.

A F (Landscape architect) mentioned 2 similar schemes in Glasgow and will provide further detail one called tramyard and other a back alley development close to Botanic Gardens.

W B  (Economic development) mentioned Gamma study 2006 re vitality ratios for various centres around the county. Reality for Dun Laoire/Dalkey is ageing poulation and younger people moving elsewhere – linked with high cost of housing. Dalkey recognised as having great tourism potential esp as only Heritage Town in south Dublin. Need to hold visitors by providing mix of facilities. Promotion of tourism and area as destination now out sourced to Dublin Tourism.

Ballybrack village development resulted from concerted action by group of individuals, Council were able to support. Cllr Donal Marren was heavily involved.

BH (architect) mentioned recent study (students?) on Georges St Dun Laoire of footfall/behaviour/movements. Said results would be made available.

AF mentioned the Council open space study with online questionnairre – feedback on use of open space, facilities etc. Objective to provide relational database of all parks and open space in county.

Much discussion on UCD architect students project to be co-ordinated by AG. BH emphasised need to provide direction or terms of reference for the student group. He would be available to assist in drawing up.

RMC said he would be in touch with AG in coming days.

Some discussion on funding possibilities – various urban renewal funding schemes are available at EU level. Again Council officials could assist here.

Also we need to check current ownership of site A.

RMC to arrange meeting with AG  re student project.

Today’s pics: Parking, hoardings, deriliction in the centre of a Heritage town….


dalkey's big on advertising hoardings!

another prominent hoarding


adjoing the station - more prominent parking

Very big hoarding

Very big hoarding

Surface badly degraded in front of station

Surface badly degraded in front of station

Deriliction on Castle Street

Deriliction on Castle Street

Charming corrugated gate off Castle St

Charming corrugated gate off Castle St

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