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Meeting with UCD

Last Monday I met our contact lecturer at UCD School of Architecture and we discussed how we might put together a student project. The objective would be to get some design work done on our preferred site and also arrange some initial survey work in the town.

From the meeting a second option emerged in terms of engagement with the college in the form of a project with students on the Urban Design Institute masters programme. This might be a better option in terms of the orientation of the students and also they would have more experience than undergrads.

Next step is to submit to UCD a written proposal for student project for their consideration. Hope to have this done in coming days and will post here for info/comments.

For full details of the Masters programme click on


Also understand that an exhibition linked to the ‘now what’ architecture workshop series held in Richview over the summer will be mounted in Smithfield next month. No details available yet but will be posted here in due course. For info on all the ‘now what’ projects – about a dozen in total, including ‘From the ground up’ go to


Also details on the website re Now What public conversations which continue through October.

Though for today: In Boston a while back I came across a target set by the City to increase proportion of urban area under trees from now 15% to 30% over a 5-10 year period. First point is that because they’ve measured the tree coverage they have the basis for setting targets. Second point is they’ll probably beat the target. It’s called ‘can do’…

Let’s plant some big trees in Dalkey! Why not?

Today’s uninspiring Dalkey pics:


Deriliction in the tramsheds

Tramsheds original ironwork trusses

Tramsheds original ironwork trusses

Miss Havesham's or Decaux cottage (all about poster sites, you see...

Miss Havesham's or Decaux cottage (all about poster sites, you see...

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